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Beyond the Da Vinci Code, the true meeting with God! The universe, aliens, spaceships, angels, freemasons, conspiracies and secret services

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Antoine, Beyond the Da Vinci Code, the true meeting with God!


Any content, especially in the topics section, you want to insert is welcome and absolutely free. You will have a lot of visibility and it will almost certainly bring economic results, I hope so! Write me an email and we will find the best way to integrate your new pages!

If you want to contribute with ideas or criticism to the Universal political movement, interventions are also very welcome for this section, write again to me!

View the amount of texts that will arrive I urgently need translators completely voluntary that I have no way to pay at the time, then if things change, I will try to make a large donation. I am mainly looking for translators ita-spa, ita-eng, spa-eng, spa-ita, eng-spa. However I have a very broad vision and if someone wants to propose himself to translate the book and texts of the site in other languages not currently supported I would be very happy!

My proposal is to offer to whom, will offer himself, a page in this site to advertise himself, and at the bottom of every translated texts the possibility, if voluntary and authorized, to put his name and the link to the eventual page in my site or other references (own site already existing \ mail).


I wait for you many and thank you from now!



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