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At this point you have certainly understood that Jesus really existed and not only, he came back in my person…

God, to find a worthy representative on Earth, does so by analyzing the future that is generated for the whole human race by choosing one person rather than another: God is not only all the space (the Universe) but also the Time. It is therefore space\time that only the greatest physical scientists of the Earth like Albert Einstein have sensed. So God sees in the future (and sometimes He lives in it) and He is the one who tries to build us and does it right now using me, who is the one who understood Him better and who sensed who was the true biblical Jesus of the Christian Gospels!

Who was Jesus? The best king that mankind could ask for! He was not despot, he was not afraid that someone steels his power, he was not a slaver and he try to create the conditions for the widest possible wealth for all his people... 2000 years ago this was very difficult but today, with robotics and medicine, is more feasible!


Jesus did not die on the cross, but he was really a king: in France! Then over the centuries his power was usurped because its descent was a bit inept ... Who usurped divine power (about 800 AD) built an unassailable dome that dominated the world - against the will of God - with the assumption of people’s exploitation.

With this "Universal" political current we try to inspire a way of governing more prone to the harmonious development of mankind. The modern democracies are a joke: who manages to access politics to propose themselves to the elections? Only members adhering to the ancient dome created in the 800 and that will have to guarantee it with unequal laws for ever and ever! I clashed with this situation, but I think it is visible to every citizen of the world! Politics is something for the few and it is always the same, regardless of which deployment takes the field: sweat, slavery, misery, prohibitions and greater wealth for the usual lucky ones (now we know who they are: Freemasons). Now we know that Masonry is also a religion inspired by the cancellation of God (Who does not want that bullies dominate the world), a thing that if would happen would lead to the Big Bang. But to the few big bosses Freemasons this does not matter: they received guarantees from minor Gods that they will exist even after the end of the World...

Do we definitively want to free ourselves from exploitation and start living in the promised land?

The way, in my opinion, is to guarantee the power for life to those who govern and pay them well, by suspending elections all over the planet! If you know that you must not be afraid of losing power and you are rich, then perhaps you govern in the interests of your neighbor... Who do we put to govern? We leave the ignoble dome of which I have spoken to you so far, that perhaps will not be reactionary (maybe triggering wars or revolutions everywhere) in front of this change, in front of the people, in front of me, and in front of what is coming out. But if this dome wants this great honor to govern mankind must swear loyalty to God (and not to Gods who want the end of the world), swear allegiance to the human race and they must try to make every man on the planet rich and happy.

We leave the election, of course, but this time, in order to lay down forever those who play dirty games and are not faithful to their oaths, we have to elect a substitute in a short time. So politicians will have to pay close attention to the next, and we pay close attention to their work!

Let's move on to the economic policies we propose. First of all, we do not want to subvert economic laws and society, but we still want to start as quickly as possible to abolish hard and poorly paid jobs, reduce all working hours, create serious and true conditions to increase as many rich people as possible on the planet, hoping that sooner or later all we will be rich, without killing or exploiting each other!

To achieve this, we put in place a lot of robotics and computer science that makes the works lighter. This on the one hand reduces a certain type of job, but increases another one: that related to the design, maintenance and sale of technology.

However, with the reduction of working hours, a lot of new jobs will be created, that will be lighter than the current ones given the reduced length of the working day.


To all this we complement a new policy for which students, workers (public and private) and pensioners can open VAT without fixed taxes and without having their guaranteed income reduced. This offers the real possibility, better than gambling, to get rich while you are guaranteed a fixed salary that you can also leave if the business has enormous success. Many new companies arise, many new jobs, we do not exploit each other but - let's say – we can work together, each with a chance to break through! In addition, the economy comes out of any kind of crisis and resumes vigorously!

In this context of liberalization of entrepreneurship, not to penalize those who employ us - the current big companies - who would see less time availability of workers and more competition, I propose that the worker to which part-time entrepreneurship is allowed to pay taxes (always in the manner of no fixed tax, no advance payments on taxes and without seeing his guaranteed income reduced) not to the their state but to the company that gives him permanent employment and time for his own independent activity. We could also think to a token to be paid to the company to put yourself completely on your own.

We want to support these small but very important economic initiatives, a long-term policy that God asks us with a loud voice: to colonize the infinite Universe! We would like to start from Mars, which is close and it is easy to make livable. Reaching it en masse, if you read my book, is a fairly economic operation and will create a real estate economy on a planetary scale, reducing at the same time the demographic pressure on Earth.

For leisure and in our free time, we want to deprive Freemasons of the power to imposing their sterile morality through their TV. We want more outdoor life, in the bars, in the discos, in the pubs to really enjoy every day, even free to get drunk or use light drugs in a virtual return to the '70s: this is why we will give as much space as possible to cars with automatic driving so that any form of leisure control used with the excuse that creates accidents ceases.

We want the aperitif became almost a religion – even a strong aperitif - at the end of the working day, with the whole family, to have some entertainment, eat and drink in company, listen to beautiful dance music and have interesting business opportunities with our new shy business enterprises.

I guarantee you that in all this process, sport is really harmful and it leads us to think like video recorders and put our attention on the movements rather than reasoning, useful to work in the development and maintenance of technologies... Obviously to make people stupid, Freemasonry proposes sport as a cure for everything... Obviously, the more we get rid of it, the more we live in intelligence!


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