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If you do not trust what I say on this site and with the book, read the link of the lame scientific demonstration of God on Earth!


God is space\time, isn't it clear?

  • SPACE: all the stars of the Universe, all the planets of the Universe (and therefore also the Sun and the Earth), all the atoms that make up anything visible and invisible, therefore also our hair, skin, eyes, bones and so on;
  • TIME: the fact that there is a tomorrow, and a tomorrow where there is a piece of land where we can stand, warmed by a Sun that does not turn off.
God has no future right now: is it clear that there will be no tomorrow in the near future? This means that everything and everyone can disappear at any time! And when I say everything, I mean that all the atoms and all the entire Universe disappear and obviously all the stars and therefore also the Sun and the Earth and together with them the air, the water, all the plants, all animals and of course all mankind! FOREVER!
The future for God is possible only if humankind progresses (and to progress it must have enormous fun every day and use its soul and its conscience - and smoking cigarettes helps), if it welcomes God with open arms, allowing Him to guide the right global political choices while a climate of peace and full mutual respect must be triggered in full mutual satisfaction to live with God, who also lives at your side, proud of having created you while you are proud of existing, a climate that allows God to make everyone rich and immortal, sooner or later! (You absolutely have to read the book)
I want to inform you, even if it would be enough to read the book, that I have huge cranial crunches due to the fact that I have body structures that come from 3 billion years from the future, a future where I was as a pharaoh (with the whole Universe and the human kind inside me); the guideline of this huge (although short) future for all of us are: sooner or later all will be immortals Gods and with a universe inside like me and a religion to give to every citizen who lives there. Sooner or later you too will be immortal Gods with the same religion...
From this remote future, you have all entrusted me to return to the past – now - to beg me to get the future started! Indeed it has already started in 2009 in Florence but everything is changing, I need a hand to ensure that this future does not fade ...


We speak a moment of eras... They are 12 and this is the last one, that of Aquarius! It is entering and will last at least 2,000 years, but it seems that it will be asked in a loud voice by all the human race that it will never ends. I am Antoine, I am of the zodiacal sign of Aquarius and my ascendant is Leo (me and the opposite of me, but exuberantly heheeheh), I have a very particularly and beautiful astrological chart, according to astrology greatest experts’ reports! It seems that I will have to lead the beginning of this new Terrestrial and Universal era... I have 11 signs against, the task is very difficult, but slowly the whole world is getting used to the new millennium: technology, robotics, internet, freedom, fantasy, tobacco, alcohol, dance techno music, light drugs, huge science in biology and therefore the treatment for cancer and diseases, wealth and more! This is the Aquarius, I really hope you like it!

I am happily married, extremely scientific, I am an electronic and computer programmer, a successful freelancer of information technology, with a long time behind on the boards of large Italian industrial groups and I wrote a book about God that is free and it is on this site: it is not a jumble of mystical feelings written by a fanatic without a past or future, it convinces the multi-graduates atheists and brings many scientific discoveries of enormous greatness!

Let's begin by explaining a fact that the ruling class of the world strictly holds hidden from the masses (they are willing to kill and die in order not to tell the truth): God comes to Earth once every 2,000 years! About God, if you read the book you will understand that there is only one! Call it what you want, but is always He: Allah, Yahve, Buddha, etc.... And it cannot be otherwise because God is our home: He's the Universe in Person!


I will try to explain to you in broad terms why I found myself writing a book about God, and how convincing I am about that it is all true and that God exists seriously!

8-8-8 (August, 8 2008) God came to Earth and there was supposed to be a huge party for decades for the whole planet, instead the only one who seems interested and happy is me. In my fantasies, since I started to understand what was happening to me (I realized what people did around me in the workplace and who knew it before me), all my city should be united, it should bring me to triumph to make continuous party dinners at the Vatican in St. Peter's Square with endless tables, watered mercifully by the best wines... for months if not for years... My city is in fact medieval one with ancient traditions and its public face is that of a very strong religiousness as it continuously organizes feasts and festivals in honor of many Saints of Paradise... Instead I have been by the priests of which I am a best friend and who have raised me - a monastery near my city - to make them feel the voice of God during Catholic mass, a voice that thundered for miles squared out of my head (something similar to what must have heard Moses on Mount Sinai) but they sent me to an exorcist, indignant... I wrote to the Pope (and for knowledge to many Italian and European courts and to the secretary of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon) an endless letter of 89 pages explaining that God, in order to install himself in me had – without my knowledge - put the whole Universe inside of me (so also the whole planet Earth and all its inhabitants) and I needed help and protection, but what did he do? He has resigned! If you read the book you will understand what my city did, full of Masonry led by important world leaders (presidents of exterminated nations): they killed me in Pisa in 2008 and with me they do a world massacre even if they knew that I had the Universe inside. I have millions of witnesses who, after my resurrection from death in Pisa, have heard the voice of God in Florence... In short, doing miracles is something that must shake official science, it cannot be explained, but I do them and with millions of witnesses, so evidently the fact that God exists must be taken into consideration!

These facts that I told you and that are better explained in the book downloadable here, I bring them to your attention not to became the dictator of the world, I would stay very out of sight and I do not want power, but to expose a situation - with which I clashed and before the facts that interested me I ignored - that has lasted for centuries: a tight, ruthless, inhuman and clever dome of power which creates thousands of laws every day that especially suited to the dome itself and to its maintenance; it is a religious sect: they are the Freemasons and my city is full of them!

The Freemasons are in contact with some Minor Deity who would like to usurp the place of God, but we live in God as I have explained to you. It is to be understood that this thing would mean the end of the Universe, of the Solar System, of the Planet Earth, of Mankind... The Freemasons are very clever and are helped by very powerful Gods so they are really frightening.

On the contrary, God does not impose laws, He leaves it to the conscience of every person, who is therefore very free; in reality there is a law but it seems to me also right: DO NOT KILL (neither men nor animals). To have a strongest conscience in our behavior, God asks us to use substances that amplify the soul presence in our way of being: alcohol, tobacco, light drugs. Things fun and pleasant, by the way!

What should happen with the spread of this site all over the world is that new parties arise in all the nations inspired by the political current that I introduce as a result of my experience side by side with God; read it and contribute with your opinions to the manifesto of this political movement that wants to undermine this counterproductive and dangerous dome that dominates Planet Earth and Mankind.


Obviously, God is sharing, not imposition, and my inclusion in the world scene with God brings these topics, which are covered in the book, and on which I ask your opinion and suggestions... if you then want to talk about anything, just write to me and we'll see what to do. Here are the arguments that God brings:

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Antoine, Beyond the Da Vinci Code, the true meeting with God!

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