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I've asked God - and it was not easy - what He wanted me to tell to everyone who views this website, and He told me to write this: "read the book the future is going to dissolve and I love each of you, remember that the book is very very very very very important for all the humankind!"

Beyond the da Vinci Code, God
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Antoine, Beyond the Da Vinci Code, the true meeting with God!


The Da Vinci Code is Dan Brown's fourth novel, published in 2004. One of its main plot points is the subject of Jesus Christ's descendance, whose marriage with Mary Magdalene is said to have produced children. Such a truth would be very well hidden by the Church, as its discovery would completely tear down Christianity.

Jesus Christ's descendance is an often discussed subject by scholars all over the world, a secret seemingly forever hidden in history. However, there are some people who are certain of their place in the Messiah's family: I am one of those people.

I have proven such ancestry by conducting several researches on my hometown and as a result of the many paranormal experiences I've been through, all documented in my novel. I assure you, I am not crazy and this is no joke: read "Behind the Da Vinci Code", my novel, and discover what happened when God spoke to me.


Antoine is the pseudonym I've chosen to write "Behind the Da Vinci Code". To give you an idea of whom you're dealing with, I am going to describe my life in a few sentences. I've been an innovator in the IT world, I've smoked two packets of cigarettes a day for 35 years ( and I can easily swim for 500 meters and more without breaking a sweat ), I love cocktails and good wine.

The pleasant time spent in the company of my wife, aperitifs, parties and alcohol are the keys to give brains a rest during free time and at the same time activate it when the need arises.

Without smoking I cannot concentrate at all and cannot even communicate properly: my deduction is that smoking is healthy and holds but a few underwhelming side effects. Did the freemasons force their hand to press political parties into our modern smoking regulations?

I've had a life full of friends, women, travels and discotheques for 33 years: then God came, and it all became arduous. My friends disappeared and were substituted by foes, but despite this I managed to bring God into the world in which I lived, to show him that something was disappearing forever.

Look where a part of the book is set... I think it's a fantastical atmosphere that every person in the world should live! Florence by night: Clubs where I was almost every night!


I am certain of my belonging to Jesus Christ's family tree. At the beginning, I had been informed about this bond, and only later did God show himself to me, confirming what I believed. I had discovered the freemasons' plans for world domination, and my being social had convinced God to make me ambassador of his new religion.

At the same time, with God's help, I have to sabotage the plans of those who would make man into an apathetic being ruled by the strong. The foes are many and the friends are none, but inside me I have the best ally I could ever desire.


GOD IS HIPPIE: if you want to read the book, after a start a little 'dramatic, slow, perhaps boring, you will discover who God is!

After the first very negative events that I tell in the book I will begin to frequent Florence because "fashion" is in Florence, but this is not just a fact: many fashion designers and clothing houses are located in Florence. In fact, "fashion" (Italian translation "MODA") is also a mathematical function, the one that traces the line closest to a cloud of points, where the points are humans and the line is the carrier for the future of the human being. In short, in Florence we see what is the style of life that pleases God and that will give a huge future to mankind: hashish, discos, private clubs where you can smoke and drink cocktails: a dream city that I recommend to everyone the tourists of the world!

GOD IS HIPPIE, I repeat it and his voice was heard in all the squares of Florence, he said: go back to the 70s and legalize light drugs.


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Do you really think the year we live in, 2017, is the future?
The world was to be full of spaceships, and the whole universe mostly inhabited.
All of us should be rich!
Don't you think that, instead, our world has birthed a society whose characteristics are comparable to slavery?
An illness whose violent return is robbing us of passion, destroying us with fatigue and imposing upon us a short and unfulfilling life?

A cold iron gate closes.
A tale thus unravels.
My tale, worthy of a book.


Let’s start from the beginning: It all began when I started reading -feasting upon would be a better term - Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code.
The ending surprised me: I discovered that Jesus had fathered some children and thus had descendants living in this time and age, people whose veins bore his blood.
I started feeling uneasy, as if I had been discovered, as if the entire world was talking about me.
It was then when problems started to appear at my workplace, where, annoyingly, my previous girlfriend worked.
I was too good at my job.
People started telling me that God himself inhabited my body, such was my speed and intuition in finding these problems and their solutions.
I am a programmer.
I felt obliged to leave my job as I was made a laughingstock by all my colleagues: my workplace resembled Hell, and they resembled demons hell bent on fighting me, Jesus.
Not only was I the recipient of pranks of all kind, or had my work stolen, they'd also avoid giving me any type of work for the whole day, and right at the end of my shift they'd force me to urgently work on something, and I'd end up going back home far later than I normally would.
I almost went mad.
I had no choice but to resign and file a complaint to the higher ups of my company and report my supervisors' behavior.
And what did they answer me with?
A porn cassette I found in a newsstand, which was sold all over Italy, and whose title denied any doubt on the fact that it had to do with me.
On it, my ex-girlfriend - which wasn't "ex" at the time -, donning a mask and engaging in acts which left me speechless.
All things considered, I couldn't leave her, since we had split both our home's price and loan.
I tried to let everything slip, as if nothing had happened.
But the moment I discovered that my brother was publicizing and spreading said cassette, I lost mind.
A nationwide advertisement in which my brother starred was transmitted. I was laughed at by the entirety of my hometown.
I started hearing voices.
I kept hearing them regardless of what I was doing, even while sleeping, I heard them.
My guess?
That secret sects realized I was the Messiah’s descendant, secret sects from the same companies that told me I must have had God inside me.
It was them, they were trying to destroy me in every way possible. They were trying to hinder my success, and even got my family involved to further their goals.
I thought I was going mad. I completely lost my mind.
Things worsened and I was pushed beyond my thresholds and... I punched my ex. And my brother, too.
And that is how I ended up behind bars.


I'm inside my apartment, under house arrest, given the events that unfolded earlier.
For days I've been feeling strange sensations, more specifically, I feel my scalp overheating.
Even then, using a thermometer, it does not go higher than 36.8°C.
The condo in which I live is buzzing, as if I were living under high tension lines, and every thought I have echoes in my room.
It feels like high frequency electromagnetic waves are being rained down upon me.
I've been lying on the couch for a while, feeling tired and weighted down -might be that electromagnetic field moving in my apartment- when, suddenly, I feel myself levitating by a couple centimeters.
Just as suddenly I feel like I'm being communicated with, as I hear this strange, far away, cluttered message.
My mind is then filled with images: a nearing spaceship, ambassador of 58 planets.
Each and every one of them is a human colony with a republican government, in search of a republican-governed earthlike planet that could act as their political and spiritual guide.
They are bearing gifts meant for me, but they realized I couldn't achieve the primary objective they left me with (in previous communications), having a family, and a child.
They are saddened.
The communication abruptly cuts off, the ringing, for the most part, stops... and I pass out on my couch.


Download the complete pdf of the book totally gratis
Paper version