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I am comforted... I spoke with natives of your dimension and even here you know the sagas of the films TERMINATOR and BACK TO THE FUTURE…

I do not look like him, but my best friend of childhood is the photocopy of Michael J. Fox… I didn’t precisely hit the mark but I was close... and as they say here, close matter when you “play bowls” and with “grenades”!

If you see BACK TO THE FUTURE you will understand, without having to be Albert Einstein, what the hell happens and you will have elements to believe without any doubt to me, my book, and this site!

Last night, smoking 10 cigarettes in less than an hour - which increase my capacity for simulation and mental abstraction and give me strong concentration - I debugged the studies of David B. Weiner, University of Pennsylvania - United States. I had read in number 374 of the Italian journal Le Scienze, 1999 (https://archive.org/details/lescienze-374/page/n9 - sorry it's in Italian) – translation of Scientific American – his studies about the reasons for the appearance of neoplastic cells: common cause for cancer, contemporary mutation of 3 genes, motility, immortality and resistance to apoptosis.

His studies partly motivate the book on this site and many topics I deal with:

  • Tobacco smoke
  • Legalization of soft drugs
  • Alcohol and aperitifs
  • Treatment of all types of cancer.


When I was 11 – 1984 –I went to school, in my class with a black and white TV and my PC Commodore Vic-20 with 128 Kbytes of memory (the grandfather of the well-known Commodore 64) to present my multimedia biology report that focuses on the cell: I'm very good with biology, I understand it like no one else in this world; the cells - in their own way - are identical to computers I have been driving with enormous success for almost 40 years.

The problem is that I wrote a book based on Dr. Weiner's studies - which in my dimension I know and talked to by email (which I still keep) at the end of the 1990s, precisely to try to cure my very dear friend’s grandmother from terminal cancer – and I have debugged the initial causes of Dr. Weiner's failures in the development of a wide-spectrum anti-tumor drug without him ever talking about these topics! Indeed he - in this dimension - deals with genetic vaccines and has never had anything to do with cancer studies. And how can I know the human apoptosis gene p53, which I learned in his article, and the treatment of cancer with modified retroviruses, again in his article, about which I wrote the book of this site 3 years ago?

As I told you, I am comforted by the fact that you know BACK TO THE FUTURE and TERMINATOR… The exact same thing happened to John Connor and Marty McFly is happen to me: I was born in a place and time, I studied certain subjects with absolute meticulousness – indeed the causes of cancer were the cover of the number 374 of Le Scienze, 1999, but if you open the link https://archive.org/details/lescienze-374/page/n9 you will see that the title is very different – then I traveled to the future and in other dimensions, so I went back to my era to find everything changed but with memories of what my space/time was like and that is no longer… But you couldn’t have these memories – knowing the name and behavior of certain genes and their treatment if they have mutations - if they weren't true at the beginning of your journey.




In 2003, your scientific community expressed this (https://archive.org/details/lescienze-420/page/n1 - sorry it's in Italian): “When we look at a solid tumor in an adult, we get the impression that someone blew up a bomb in the nucleus”. So they come to the following conclusion: “Will we know one day what causes cancer? The answer could force us to transfer our hopes from drugs that cure the disease to those that prevent it!”

These conclusions have been taken literally by your political class and assimilated by the common sense of your society, annihilating every type of entertainment that determines an exponential decadence of the average intelligence of society, annihilating the future of mankind. Consideration should also be given to the strong modern atheism that leads people to think that life is one and short, therefore it has to be safeguarded before anything else because afterwards there is nothing.

This set of ten-year and stratified concepts leads peoples to:

  • Ban tobacco smoke in full social consensus
  • Prohibit and demonize alcohol, always in full social consensus
  • Deprive people of any type of bodily satisfaction if it is included in the list of carcinogens
  • Prefer, especially where there is a strong diffusion of weapons or situations of violence, to stay in front of the TV rather than a full and social life outside the home in pubs, bars, discos, etc...
This average attitude determines a colossal economic decline (lack of relaxation, fun, entertainment: fundamental elements for the onset of intelligence) and therefore an acceptance of minimal economic conditions as long as they guarantee the minimum subsistence when being rich is simple (How to get rich respecting others).




According to your scientific community, the causes of cancer are those I had read in 1999 on Le Scienze: the contemporary mutation of 3 genes, motility, immortality and resistance to apoptosis (Weinberg RA. How cancer arises. Scientific American, September 1996).

Also according to studies - experimental and recent - of your dimension a good cancer treatment is to restore correct copies of the P53 gene (apoptosis – see Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/P53) in neoplastic cells’ DNA: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1120577/. As shown in this article, which is linked here, the problem is that few people react to the treatment.

I understood the problem of this low response:

  • Currently, to migrate intact copies of the P53 gene into neoplastic cells’ DNA, there is only the method of using RNA retroviruses. This technique ensures that a virus - I suggest that of the flu - properly modified in laboratory, will be inoculated in the sick organism. Through the retrovirus’ POL gene (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HIV) the virus manages to insert its CORRECT genetic material into the DNA of the diseased cell - I suggest that the virus also encodes genes such that replication of virus itself and its spread in the body occur.
  • There is no answer, or a very modest one in percentage terms, by this technique because the inserted DNA migrates into the host cell nucleus where it integrates more or less randomly into the chromosome and this reaction is carried out by an enzyme called integrase: http://www.sapere.it/enciclopedia/retrovirus.html (sorry it's in Italian). In fact, when human eukaryotic cell expresses the need to activate the new P53 gene to commit suicide, it would find 2 copies of the P53 gene, the mutated gene and the new one inserted by the retrovirus. According to recent studies, monocistronic mRNA of eukaryotic cells– it was thought that these cells could express only one copy of each gene –in the presence of multiple coding of expression tend to make a mix of present genes: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4705651/. The result is abominable!

Once the problem has been explained, the treatment is simple: it takes quite simple studies to ensure that, before the insertion of the new P53 gene transported by the virus, the "promoter" of the old mutated gene already present is erased, so that at the onset of requirement of P53, mRNA combines itself only with the new copy of the gene with healthy DNA.

I guarantee you that the extent of what I have written above is worldwide:

  • I am sure, supported by the global scientific community and by extra dimensional knowledge, that this path is the right one for cancer treatment
  • Cancer treatment leads to a whole new social freedom: for example, smoking 100 cigarettes a day without having to worry about death, or being able to freely drink alcohol and have fun every evening at the aperitif.



As I have already told you, there were problems in the treatment of cancer even in my dimension but I found the problems that did not make it work: to do so I had to smoke 10 cigarettes in an hour in order to increase my capacity for simulation and mental abstraction and achieve strong concentration! It took me 1 hour to find the solution to the cancer problem! Cancer treatment is not quitting smoking, but increase it, do you want understand it or not!? If intelligence is not strengthened, we cannot face problems and we have to hide ourselves from any adverse event that happens!

I'm sure to save billions of lives. I hope for your contribution in terms of participation and comments.


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