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You will have read the homepage of the site, if not, visit it, it is titled: "God is the atom machine in which we live and is designed to make the most beautiful dreams of all come true..."

My main dream is a world as friendly as America was from a time when the dream of getting rich was available to all!

If you have read the page dedicated to the Universal Political Movement, you will have understood that the current political class that dominates the world is in stark contrast to God and that it works every day to sterilize people's dreams, especially to crush them and make people not be self-sufficient, so they depend on the system and put themselves at the service of the powerful, who can buy anyone for few dollars! A system to create a new slavery! With this political system, making money is practically impossible unless you are a close friend or a member of someone powerful, and you must still have an important heritage behind you to leave the world of the miserable!

I want to unleash a heavy world revolution that subverts this state of affairs! Therefore, I would like to establish the conditions for a mass production of billionaires aided by the states and governments of each nation on Earth. Read the book and you will understand that I come from that future where all this is already reality: it has already become reality, it is not a dream, it is the physics of matter, it is absolutely true that it is possible; I am here to do the few basic social steps necessary for all this to go off without the possibility of involutions: like Michael J. Fox in "Back to the future".


So, how do we make billions?

  1. In the first place, there has to be a massive disclosure of this site and my book... If this does not happen, let's forget that in the future we are already rich and, which is not bad, immortal! This is fundamental and basic, so if you have half an idea to win a few billion, tie people, but let them read my book... and make sure they understand it!
  2. Now that my site is spreading, we are back in the grace of God, that does not want us humble or poor... So, we have all the tools to enslave the political class: they should be at our service, not us to theirs! If I become an influential person, it will not be difficult to take this step... Help me!
  3. Let's make a steady income - even a minimum - and get a little free time; this is not difficult. There are financial instruments, firstly the one indicated in advertiser Modden's article (Sustainable On Line Trading) or a fixed place with few hours of work and without restrictions to create your own company while you are employed, retired or studying. Obviously, I will have done actions with my new world influence to ensure that commercial activities are not crushed dry by taxes!
  4. Relax yourself, drink, smoke, smoke a pot and, above all, get away from the television of the powerful and live again in the open air with my new religion: the aperitif is flooded everyday with fantastic dance music that priests and imams from around the world will make up for us! This helps us to be creative again, as well as to feel much better than the acclaimed sport! Obviously, meanwhile, our agendas will be full of contacts.
  5. Now we have to become managers of ourselves! You are better than me, I have to teach you very little… but let's talk about it! It is necessary to find a service that can be generalized easily so that, if the request increases, it is always possible to supply it, or a product that can be produced in large quantities or an interesting topic that many will want to advertise at any cost. Let's see what is the average expense for the provision of one of our products, let's see what the income is and we only need the income to be much more substantial. We will have to deal with taxes, but with my new world influence I will have made sure that they are only a small fraction of the income, nothing more, nor any other additional or hidden expense. We start by selling our products in small quantities (we have agendas full of contacts), we do not do it to enrich ourselves with the first transaction, this is necessary to understand the quality of what we have to offer and create a good reputation in the market... maybe we should put aside the first timid gains to create a global advertising space on the Internet, making sure that our innate reputation is drawn...

Here it is, the economy will have grown in the meantime... Everyone will start to have more money to spend... Selling a lot in a rich market is simple and in a similar context quality has its importance, there is no struggle for price and with the competitors... Keep in mind that I am setting the conditions for which, shortly, the inhabited worlds will be 2: Earth and Mars! The markets will be huge and the requests for goods and services almost infinite...

Being multimillionaires is possible, here a real example and a real and quick opportunity for all: A Robot suitable for founding an industry: i look for company partners!


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